[Report] Early September Report

Alright, so let’s go over some business:

Old Business: August in Review

We finally released Roberta’s Blood (1) BD, one month behind schedule.

Ookami-san has proven to be a huge pain in the ass, both in its problematic RAW’s and terrible story (no offense to those who like the series; this is just my opinion).

Maid-sama and SYD have proven to be most time-consuming to edit due to the sheer number of signs.

Bakemonogatari was finished.

Gundam 00 was lost in a weird server crash—we have no way of recovering that data, but we’ve decided to redo that series because we basically didn’t QA our first release. No ETA on that effort.

We’ve decided to edit all of our releases to be title safe.

A Twitter account was set up.

New Business: September Outlook

Macross Frontier is now being pushed out, one month behind schedule.

Ookami-san ends at the end of this month (YES!). A batch is NOT planned for this series—I managed to convince our distributor somehow.

SYD ends at the end of this month (NO!!!). A batch is planned for this series.

HSOTD ends at the end of this month (or so I heard). A batch is planned for this series. Episode 8 was retarded.

K-On!! ends at the end of this month (NO!!!). A batch is planned for this series, but it will be late.

Code Geass has been pushed behind Macross Frontier. All staff members are focusing on getting Macross out first, so don’t expect Code Geass until Macross is finished.

Clannad comes after Code Geass. We’re projecting to sometime in November for this one.

Gundam Unicorn after Clannad. We have no idea when this will come out.

We aren’t picking up any new series from the Fall 2010 anime lineup—except To Aru Majutsu no Index II.

[News] Katanagatari 5 BD No Subtitle Track

OK, so I finally got through all of this week’s anime—save Maid-sama, but that’s cause FFFPeeps is running behind schedule—and I decided to QA Katanagatari 5 BD, which was release by Coal Girls a little while ago. Guess what? They didn’t include the subs…as in, there is no subtitle track. Awesome! Well, I guess that’s a complete wash. I’ll just throw that into the RAW’s pile and wait for that to be timed properly. I personally don’t watch this series, and neither does the timer, so this probably won’t be released for awhile. Sorry folks!

Edit: Alright, so that was some not-so-fun news. Here is some OK news: Our server failed a few days ago and corrupted our copy of Gundam 00 on the server. That sucks and all, but Gundam 00 never really went through a smooth QA process and the subtitles were definitely not title safe. So, we’re going to take this opportunity to re-edit the whole series and provide a better release than our first. No ETA on that.

Seitokai Yakuindomo 9

This is one of those rare shows that actually make me laugh out loud while I’m watching it. The only others are Lucky Star, Fumoffu, Nyan Koi, and Seto no Hanayome.

On a totally different note, Strike and I usually refer to Fumoffu as “Fun Mofo.” Not sure if we’re just weird or if anyone else has ever done that too.

Another side note: The last 2 minutes of this episode are filled with tons of text, so if it gets incomprehensible, we’re sorry. The non-title safe version is slightly better, but it’s still just as crowded. And no, we aren’t uploading the non-title safe version.


[Aside] Twitter Setup

OK, we now have a twitter account for this fansub group. We’ll use it to quickly update the site with micro-posts because the WordPress iPhone app sucks. You can see the latest tweets on the left side of the page.