[Report] End of September Report

Summer Is Over

OK, so we actually have one more week to go before September ends, but we’re going to give you guys the rundown on what happened, what’s happening, and what’s going to happen here at N Log(N) EG.

September In Review

We’ve managed to live through High School of Dead and have successfully finished that series in tandem with GG’s release schedule. A batch is coming. We are going to re-encode and upscale episodes 1 and 2. We want this out by this weekend, but who knows when our encoder will actually get through this.

SYD and Asobi are over. Their batches are coming out this weekend. There will be no further QA or encoding for those episodes—they’re going to be released as-is.

Future Outlook

Amagami SS continues into the fall lineup. Speaking of which, there isn’t an episode this week (9/30/2010), so we get a little bit of a breather.

Roberta’s Blood Trail is still on the road map. We’ll encode these as they become available.

Eden of the East Movies are also on the road map. We don’t know when those are going to be released, but probably sometime in October.

Macross Frontier is being encoded. God, I can’t wait until we get that over and done with.

Code Geass is still scheduled right after Macross. Then it’s Clannad. Then Gundam Unicorn.

Durarara!! batch is in editing hell. Not sure when these will be released.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! is undergoing editing. We have to do all the episodes prior to episode 13. We will not be making those episodes title-safe.

The Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works movie comes out this October. We will be encoding that.

We will not be picking up any new anime this season—except To Aru Majutsu no Index 2!! But that’s the only anime (new or not) that we’re going to be picking up until December. We’ll be working through all the backlog that we have first. Once we finally get through all of the anime that’s on our plate, we’ll start looking at the Wish List and knocking those out—so keep suggesting new anime!!

And that’s about it. Hope you’re looking forward to the new season.

Edit: We will be helping out UTW distribute the Blade Works movie using our seedbox. So sometime next week, we’re going to be halting all seeding of anything else for approximately 24-48 hours. Just a heads up.

Macross Frontier 6-10

Here’s the Macross Frontier 6-10 batch.

Perhaps you may or may not have noticed, but the file sizes of the episodes are considerably smaller than the episodes in the first batch (on the order of 1/2 the size).

Do not be alarmed. This is intended. The  video quality of these episodes is still extremely high, despite the small file size. It is possible to have high quality encodes without being a glutton for space.


Seitokai Yakuindomo 12

OK, so let’s talk about this release.

The reason it’s late this time around is cause Ayako didn’t release their subs until yesterday. So we decided to use Ryuumaru’s release, which is fine, because I actually like their subs just as much as Ayako’s.

The issue is that they downsize their releases because this show is upscaled when broadcasted. But since we don’t really like releasing downsized content, we decided to pick up a RAW and just shift the subs accordingly. Well, that turned out to be a hellish nightmare.

Ryuu’s subs are timed to their media, which is decimated differently than the RAW’s we use. Furthermore, their audio is approximately .13 seconds too slow—or perhaps our audio is .13 seconds too fast. Either way, this makes for some weird audio/video + subtitle issues.

Basically, when the subtitles/signs were timed to the video, the subtitles would be approximately 2-3 frames ahead of the audio. When we timed the subtitles to the audio, the subtitles wouldn’t match the video. Shifting the audio back .13 seconds doesn’t fix the problem, because Ryuu’s release actually had one or two more frames in some scenes. Yes, very odd.