Infinite Stratos (4)

So after 2 weeks of work, I’m starting to have anime withdraws.  I’m still behind on 2 series, and I swear I’m forgetting one.  Anyway, IS!  I liked this episode — lots of action —  but someone needs to get naked.  I vote everyone except for the dude… With that, I’ll leave you with this teaser!

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To Aru Majutsu no Index II (16)

Redoing the Raw

After seeing UTW’s release, I decided to re-encode a share raw instead of using their release. I’ll tell ya, the raw was pretty fucked up. I could see why UTW’s release had all of those random video artifacts.

Ugh, this series has totally fallen. I don’t know what the writers are smoking, but this series is completely amateur. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but even Ookami-san was better than this garbage.

Hell, nothin’ about this series will make me feel better:

Alright, maybe I feel a little better.

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Code Geass 7-9

Ehhh, I’ll find some pictures in a few hours. Here’s the torrent.
OK, got some pics up

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Geass (7)

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Geass (8)

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Geass (9)

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End of January Report

Feature Report

Ahh, can you believe we’re almost through January? I barely remember 2010 going by and now it’s 2011 and we’re almost 1/12th through the year. Holy shit. Anyways, let’s talk about what’s been happening at N LogN EG.

Finished Otome Yokai Zakuro

We finally finished the less than popular magical kitsune-girl series. We don’t plan on doing a batch and we don’t plan on doing the Blurays for this series. Ironically, nobody’s asked for them, so we’re content with just letting this series fade away into the darkness.

Finished Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

Not too many people were fond of all the censorship in the TV release, so we decided not to batch this series. Instead, we’ve decided to pick up the Blurays and start releasing those as soon as they come out. We figured that most people would want to watch hentai without all those damn black dots blocking the view. Strike sure was happy enough to do the Blurays, so that makes everyone a winner.

Picked Up Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls (BD)

Like I said in the previous paragraph, we picked these up so that you guys could watch your porn anime in full HD and without all those black dots.

Picked Up Infinite Stratos

Ya know, we actually didn’t even know anything about this series when we decided to pick it up. Here’s what happened: Strike came up to DC to visit me and I was giving him a tutorial on how to deal with raws and VFR video. We chose a random raw on Nyaa, which happened to be Infinite Stratos (1). After screening the first 5 minutes, both Strike and I were like,

Gundam SEED with more girls and only one dude? Oh, hell yeah! We’re doing this series!

And that was the end of that.

Now for some reason, Ayako suffers from a bad decimation filter or something, so we decided to use share-raws and re-encode everything. We’re also running the episodes through smoothing and debanding filters, because the TV release quality is just terrible. We do plan on picking up the Blurays, so don’t worry about that. This also means there won’t be a batch for the TV release.

Finished Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st

So, I’m not sure where this came from, but Strike likes to randomly pick up shit and encode it. Regardless, I spent quite a bit of time encoding it. I actually haven’t seen the movie, but after Strike told me that the series was idealistic, I immediately deleted my local copy.

Finished Macross Frontier — The False Songstress

I have a question: what do you get when you take a promising premise and take a shit on it? You get Macross Frontier. Another question: what do you get when you take a shitty series, remove all the shit that made it horrible, and condense it into a 2 hour feature film? You get Macross Frontier — The False Songstress. That’s right. The movie was so much better than the series. Albeit, the movie made no sense at times and was still just as idealistic as the series, but at least it didn’t suck.

Speaking of promising yet terrible anime, don’t watch Bungaku Shoujo—any of them.

Picked Up Kore Wa Zombie Desuka?

Another surprise series. We didn’t have any idea what this would be about and had no plans to watch it, but we decided to watch it one day. To our surprise, it was amazing, so we decided to pick it up. The series just keeps getting better and better, so if you haven’t seen it yet, give it a shot.

Special Mention: Roberta’s Blood Trail (3)

Even though this isn’t news, we just wanted to let you guys know that Roberta’s Blood Trail (3) is fuckin’ amazing. Period. Watch it. That is all.

Feedback Changed

We’ve changed up the way we take direct feedback from our fans. Instead of having you post a comment on the Feedback Page, we’ve decided to have you guys fill out a form that allows you to send us a direct message with your thoughts. We also allow you guys to ask for a direct response, but that requires you enter in a valid email address for us to write back to. In any case, your feedback is valued, so don’t hesitate to send us any. Just don’t be a dick about it and everything will be alright.

Infinite Stratos (3)

[Edit | Helios @ 5:13pm EST 1/24/2011]: We v2’ed the release to clean up some of the grammar errors left behind by Ayako. Furthermore, we ran the raw through a smoother and debanding filter, so the quality of the video is much higher—of course, this is all a matter of my opinion, but I would suggest you grab the v2 if you can’t stand the color banding.

Aight, sorry for the delay but this is my first time leading up a project which requires clipping clamping and syncing up raws with extracted subs from a subber.  It also takes 3 encodes (2 full and one partial) to do…and my computer is slow.  Anyway, looks like we got a new spunky rival entering this series.  Yay twintails tsundere!  And she’s Chinese!  Can’t wait to see her in a cheongsam!

Torrent (DDL)

Helios Side Note: I cannot wait for the BD’s to come out. The quality of the TV release is terrible—Ayako actually has to do some heavy duty filtering in order to smooth out all of the banding. We didn’t push the raw through any smoothing filters, so you may see some banding in our release.

To Aru Majutsu no Index II (15)

OK, I will say that this arc is much better than the last arc, but I still have one question: why is this series so popular? It seriously tops our bandwidth charts and I’m so baffled by its popularity. Anyways, you get a little bit more of Shana/Alphonse/Nagi/Louise/Taiga/Yukimura/Agnese

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