End of February Report

Feature Report

Despite the lack of any interesting events surrounding N LogN EG, we actually do have some stuff to report.

So, what the hell is happening at N LogN then?

Picked up Gosick

As with everything Strike does, he decided to spontaneously pick up Gosick. Not sure if we plan on doing the Blurays or not, but I don’t plan on doing them.

Finished Endless Eight In One Go

OK, I’m just announcing this because this was incredible. I thought I was gonna go crazy encoding Endless Eight. But I actually did manage to get through all of Endless Eight intact. I plan on finishing the rest of Haruhi in the next release. As in, I’m gonna just go for the gold and finish this series off and post the full batch sometime this week or next week.

Confirmed Infinite Stratos Blurays

Ever since we picked up IS in January, we’ve been planning on doing the Blurays. The question is “when?” Well, this is Strike’s prerogative, so if he decides to release these as they come out—which I will pressure him to—then you’ll start seeing IS BD’s in April, at the earliest (source).

Confirmed MM! Blurays

We’ve decided to pick up the MM! Bluray release, but you probably won’t be seeing any MM! releases until July. The pipeline is long. Very long.

Confirmed Ore no Imouto Blurays

OK, now that the “true route” episode has aired, I’ve decided that this series is worth releasing. We’ll be slotting this in immediately after we finish Haruhi. It’s a short 12 episode series and only 6 Bluray episodes are out right now, so it shouldn’t hamper any of our other efforts.

Confirmed Kore wa Zombie Desuka Blurays

Strike saw episode 5 and immediately thought to himself,

I gotta see the loli naked! I can die a happy man if I can just see her naked!

So he decided to do the Zombie Blurays. We’re not sure when we’ll start releasing these either. I’m assuming Strike will release these as they become available.

Confirmed Xam’d: Lost Memories Blurays

Just another series to add to the end of the pipeline. Ironically, Xam’d was first available on the Playstation Network. Then Studio Bones manufactured the Blurays and now we’re ripping the Blurays off and putting it back on the Playstation 3. Weird.

Confirmed Yosuga no Sora Blurays

Strike was originally going to do these, but figured that his computer would detonate if he tried to encode any more Bluray content, so my team has decided to pick it up instead. Again, this is slated for early to mid summer. Don’t expect these soon.

Confirmed Kara no Kyoukai Blurays

I was a little hesitent on this one, but it turns out everyone wants to see this OVA set on the Playstation 3, so we’re gonna do it. The biggest challenge for us is to make this series as small as possible without damaging the quality of the work. There are two ways do it: denoise the source video or tell x264 to compensate for grain. We could be doing a bit of both in the end, but we’ll figure it out whenever I actually finish downloading the beast.

We’re slated to finish this series by May.

Other Facts

The Month of Love

N LogN has been seeing an increase in traffic over the past 3 months, but this month seriously shocked me. We had over 65% more views this month than in January, which already blew away the previous months. In fact, you could pick any two days in February, and it would have accounted for more views than the entire month of June. Not only that, but we had more visitors in the month of February, than in months of September, October, and November combined! That’s incredible.

So I just wanted to thank all you guys, our fans. When I first created this group, I didn’t think that it would pick up this quickly, but I’m really happy it did. You guys make doing this work rewarding—even if we have to suffer through the Endless Eights, the To Aru Majutsu’s, the Ookami-san’s, and whatever other terrible anime we end up screwing ourselves with.

Pipeline Page

So, if you ever wondered what our projected release schedule looks like, I’ve decided to publish it on the “Pipeline” page. That’s our tentative—very tentative—release schedule. Check it out if you want an idea of when we plan on releasing anime.

X264 Reference Page

OK, so I know some of you are probably like,

What the hell is this page about?

Well, if you ever want to encode stuff yourself using x264, the X264 Reference Page gives you the settings that we use to encode our media. If you wanna use that page as reference, you’re free to.

Infinite Stratos (8)

Ya know how your parents will tell you things like,

You need to eat. You need to sleep. You need to drink water. You need to put on sunblock.

It’s because your parents care about your wellbeing. They want you to survive so that you can pass on their genes to the next generation.

Well in the same vain, I’m telling you that you need to watch this episode. So that you can pass on your genes to the next generation. It’s that good.

By not watching this episode, your body will lack essential nutrients needed to sustain itself. This is especially true if you’ve seen any previous episodes.

Anyways, just watch it.

Torrent (DDL)

Infinite Stratos (7)

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for:  some girl on girl action!   Well… not exactly with the connotation I’m implying.  Still, I love the suit up sequences!  Now they just need to add some “suit down” sequences like Haruna has in Kore Wa Zombie and it’ll be perfect!  Anyway, my bad about the delays, RL has been kicking my ass lately.  Right, about that picture…

Sorry but I couldn’t resist.  I wanted to post a pic of Orimura’s sister being badass, but since it’s a huge spoiler I didn’t.  I bet everyone can figure out what it is though!

Torrent (DDL)

Gosick (7)

Rawr!  Ookay, so am I the only one that thinks the maid is a little — I don’t know — TOTALLY PSYCHOTIC?!  I mean I get it, you’re upset.  Want a tissue?  *Throws box across room*  Jackwagon…

Torrent (DDL)

To Aru Majutsu no Index II (19)

Meaningful conflict. Drama. Awesomeness. These things are required for any fictional work. I fear that the author of To Aru Majutsu got that message too late. Too bad the last several arcs weren’t even half as awesome as this one episode.

I haven’t read any of the light novels, but if anyone else has, does the anime actually follow them? Just curious.

Torrent (DDL)

And here’s the storyboard

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 13-19

Alright people. I did it. I did all of Endless Eight in one go. Why? Because I don’t have a girlfriend.

BUT! I also didn’t want you all to suffer through two or three weeks of 3-episode releases that consisted of nothing but Endless Eight episodes. Next week, I plan on skipping the Haruhi release and doing a double Code Geass release (6-episode release), but leaving the Clannad release schedule untouched. Why? Because Clannad takes twice as much time to encode than any of our other projects—due to the two-pass encoding to ensure that every episode stays under 1 gigabyte.

DDL’s come whenever I can get around to stomaching uploading over 14 episodes to MU. I guess I’ll have to do that overnight or something.

Endless Eight 1080p Batch Torrent


Endless Eight DDL’s

Episode 13

1080p | 720p

Episode 14

1080p | 720p

Episode 15

1080p | 720p

Episode 16

1080p | 720p

Episode 17

1080p | 720p

Episode 18

1080p | 720p

Episode 19

1080p | 720p

Clannad 13-15

Alright, here’s Clannad 13-15. The DDL’s go up whenever we get them uploaded. Just as a rule of thumb, we usually put up the DDL’s just as we take down the torrent off our seedbox. This is really the whole point of having the DDL’s. They aren’t supplements to our strategic distribution strategy—they are our strategic distribution strategy.

Clannad 13-15


Clannad (13)

1080p | 6 Channel AC3

720p | 2 Channel AAC

Clannad (14)

1080p | 6 Channel AC3

720p | 2 Channel AAC

Clannad (15)

1080p | 6 Channel AC3

720p | 2 Channel AAC