End of March Report


The month of March was, quite possibly, the most productive month we’ve had since October. We’ve completed 5 major projects and picked up 7 new anime, 4 of which will be broadcasted this April—assuming the quake hasn’t shifted any schedules back.

Anime Summary

Picked Up Puella Magi Madoka Magica Blurays

After Strike recommended this series to me, I was totally reeled in by its incredibly dark and twisted story. Albeit, the big motivating factor behind the actions of the antagonist is just horse-shit, but seeing little magical girls die is awesome. I really hated Nanoha, so watching this just makes me so freakin’ happy.

Picked Up Spice and Wolf II Blurays

That’s right. We’ve picked up the Spice and Wolf II BD’s and will be releasing them sometime in the far future. Not sure when, but we will eventually release them. We will not be doing the first season before the second season.

Picked Up Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate won the most amount of votes out of all of the different anime that are scheduled this April. I have no idea what it’s gonna be about, so I suppose I should watch Chaos Head to brush up on the setting. If I end up liking this series, I may just pick up the BD’s.

Picked Up Deadman Wonderland

No idea what this will be about either. But, we’re willing to jump in and encode it for you. If worst comes to worst, we’ll just rage out and not offer a batch or DDL’s.

Picked Up The World God Only Knows S2

I think I may have announced this earlier, but it bears repeating. I loved the first season so much that I regret not encoding it. So, we’ll be there to pick up the second season for you guys. The BD’s for either season have yet to be considered, but it’s looking like a “no” at the moment.

Picked Up Maria Holic S2

Don’t get me wrong: everyone at N LogN loves SHAFT. But everyone here at N LogN hates encoding SHAFT. After Bakemonogatari, we were like,

We’re never doing SHAFT shit ever again

but since we love you and SHAFT so much, we’ve decided to pick up Maria Holic S2. While I’m here, let me say this: we will not do the season 1 BD’s. If you look on the project page, you’ll see that’s it’s been listed as “Dropped” since June 2010. I know it says “Delayed” in that post, but it was officially dropped.

Picked up Baccano! Blurays

After getting a direct request from one of our fans, I decided to look into whether or not the Baccano! BD’s are worth anything. The verdict: not really. But, we’re willing to encode this series and release it. The blurays are encoded in 1080p, but we’re going to downscale them to 720p since they look God-awful. As with anything else, we’re going to put this at the end of the queue, so who knows when it’ll come out.

Finished Kore wa Zombie

Big thanks to Strike for taking the time to meticulously go through HorribleSubs’ script and re-time (almost) everything. As a side-note, we plan on doing the BD’s and we also plan on using Doki’s subs. Furthermore, this is the last time we’ll ever use HorribleSubs.

Finished Clannad

Clannad was quite a fun series to encode. It was the first to be encoded exclusively for the Playstation 3 after announcing Xbox 360 support and the first series whose bit-rate we’ve had to constrain. We’ve already scheduled the second season to be encoded the moment we get the BD raws.

Finished The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This series was smooth-sailing until we hit Endless Eight and the last 5 episodes. The delays at the end were attributed to our lack of subtitle files, which forced us to transcribe the episodes by hand, translate extra scenes, and time everything from the ground-up.

Finished Code Geass R1

The one thing I regret about Code Geass R1 is that we didn’t get it done sooner. But on a technical note, the series was upscaled (not by us), so there wasn’t much difference between the 1080p and 720p release. Regardless, we’re still going to release R2 in 1080p to maintain consistency with the first season.

Finished High School of the Dead Blurays

I don’t get why our HSOTD 6 post is still the most popular post on N LogN, despite the fact that it was released in December 2010. It’s been over 3 months and it frequently ends up being the most viewed post on our site. In any case, what started off as a project in summer of 2010 has spanned all the way to spring 2011 and has now come to rest. Thank goodness. If there’s a second season of HSOTD, we will do it.


Plans for Mobile Support Scrapped

Based on our recent poll, we’ve decided to scrap all plans to support mobile devices. We actually never announced anything, but we were drafting plans to support the iPhone 4, the iPad (both generations), the PSP, the Galaxy Tab, and the Xoom. Apparently, some of our 720p material does work on some of these devices, but we don’t officially support anything other than the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Kore Wa Zombie Desuka? Batch

Since this week was a double release, Strike and I decided to split the work. He took episode 11 while I took episode 12 + the batch.

Since there’s really no sense in releasing episode 12 and a batch, we’re just going to release the batch right off the bat. You can always select which files to download.


Episode 12 DDL (MU)

Ore no Imouto (1)


OK, so here’s Ore no Imouto (1) from the BD’s. We’re only releasing the 720p’s because it’s an upscale. After experiments with Code Geass R1, we’ve learned that upscales don’t really look all that different unless we apply a sharpener, which would be senseless for this series.

Encoder’s Log

This particular episode is darker than the others, so we had to filter it, increase the bit-rate, crank up the AQ and Psy-RDO settings to get rid of the banding issues with the raw.

Torrent (DDL)

Clannad Batch

And now, I present to you the last of the “big winter three.” Not sure why I’m calling it that. I guess Clannad, Haruhi, and Code Geass occupied most of my time during the entire winter season.

In any case, here’s Clannad! The “delay factor” for this series was about 7.5 months; not as bad as Code Geass’, but not as good as Haruhi’s.


DDL Links

Clannad (19)

1080p | 720p

Clannad (20)

1080p | 720p

Clannad (21)

1080p | 720p

Clannad (22)

1080p | 720p

Clannad (23)

1080p | 720p

Clannad (24)

1080p | 720p

Infinite Stratos (11)

So, this episode reveals that Ichika is perhaps the most tactically inept anime character in existence. I’d explain how horribly he fails but I think by now it’s a moot point. At least he isn’t a complete bitch though. Anyway, HOUKI IS SO CUTE! LOOKY LOOKY!

Kitty ears + boob shot + big smile = WIN!!!

Torrent (DDL)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Batch

Finally! It’s over.

Sorry for the delay. I know that I’ve been totally MIA for the past week, but I was busy working on these last 5 episodes. No joke. We didn’t have AFK’s subs on hand, so we—Strike and I—had to transcribe AFK’s TV release, which lacked the translation for the extra scenes in the BD’s. We found a suitable translation for those extra scenes, but the most tedious and time-consuming part was timing everything from the ground up, which really sucked. And then there were the signs. Fuck those God damn signs.

This is where I’ve been for the past 9 days:

That chair is pretty damn comfy.

Anyways, that’s another series under our belt. The “delay factor” wasn’t as bad on this release: we announced it in late November 2010 and we got it done…in late March 2011. That’s only…5 months. Ha! Code Geass was 8 months. We’re getting better!


DDL Links

Haruhi (24)

1080p | 720p

Haruhi (25)

1080p | 720p

Haruhi (26)

1080p | 720p

Haruhi (27)

1080p | 720p

Haruhi (28)

1080p | 720p