Kaichou wa Maid-sama (1) BD

Okay, finally back home, finally through sign hell, finally ready to post. Seriously, there are three signs in this episode that move AND shrink simultaneously, and oh, did I mention the movement is nonlinear (as in it accelerates and decelerates at random)? That said, I couldn’t let us be outdone by the guys over at eclipse so I spent literally over 5 hours just trying to enter those signs… only to find out Helios has a program that allows him to enter those same signs in around 10 minutes each. After I finished recovering from the shock we discussed it and agreed that he will do any other moving, shrinking, f’d up signs we get in said program, mainly b/c I AM NEVER DOING THAT CRAZY SHIT AGAIN! Oh man, anyway, I’m back in black… and white… WITH FRILLS. Enjoy the episode!


End of July 2011 Report

[Helios edit 7/31/2011 @ 15:55]: Added a little pic for the post.


I don’t know what the month of July was like for you guys, but it was seriously hot here in Washington, D.C. Actually, it’s still seriously hot. In addition to the sweltering heat, the impending Debt-Ceiling crisis has gripped the country and has ultimately proven that our misgivings of the Federal Government were justified; nobody on Capital Hill knows how to capitulate.

Oh wait, let’s talk about N LogN EG.

Anime Summary

Picked Up Anime

Gundam 00: A wakening of the Trailblazer

Aside from its ridiculous spelling, I have no idea what this movie is about. We plan on encoding the movie after completing the Gundam 00 re-encoding project.

Completed Anime

The World God Only Knows S2

Another excellent season of GOK has come to a close, but it appears that Manglobe plans on making a third season—according to the ending of the second season.

If there is a third season of GOK, we might encode it. We’re shifting towards Blurays only, so there’s a good chance we’ll pass on the tv release and encode the Blurays instead.


Strike can finally rest easy after picking up this series 5 months ago. I think the only reason why he picked up the series was because of the loli. That and Victorique’s scripting abilities.

Katanagatari v3

Holy shit, we finally finished the Katanagatari series. As detailed in our batch post, the project was actually a part of N LogN EG’s inaugural anime lineup. We finally finished that series more than a year late. Whew!

Other Developments

Switching to FileServe and Support for 1080p DDL’s

After using MegaUpload for 9 months, we’ve decided to switch to FileServe for the following reasons:

  1. Support for files over 1 gigabyte
  2. FTP support
  3. Commission on each download
  4. Easier management

Megaupload’s 1 gigabyte limit really impeded our strategic distribution strategy. It effectively forced us to shuffle our 1080p releases in and out of our server so that we could accommodate reseeding requests.

Now we have the absolute liberty to upload and offer DDL’s for our 1080p content, which is always greater than 1 gigabyte per episode.

We are still in the trial period for this switch. We will be holding a poll in 17 days and a community discussion to see how functional this switch is.

I would like to make a few things clear, though:

  1. Download speeds are not a topic of discussion, especially in contrast to MegaUpload. Not being able to download our material is a topic of discussion
  2. Your personal feelings towards MegaUpload and FileServe are not a topic of discussion. We are evaluating the functionality of this switch
  3. Download limits are not a topic of discussion. We don’t care whether or not you can only download our material once every 15 minutes

Kara no Kyoukai (1)

Alrighty. We finally got around to encoding this series 5 months after announcing it in our February 2011 Report. According to the report, we’re over two months behind schedule. We were slated to finish this entire OVA set in May. It is now July 31st.

Gradients and dark scenes be dammed; the file size of this release is fairly large for its run-time: 3,442 megabytes / 50 minutes and 9 seconds.


Kaichou wa Maid-sama (26) BD

OK. As denied, and then promised, we’re doing the Kaichou wa Maid-sama Blurays simply because Strike liked the series.

I’m helping him with this project because of the massive sign-rape, so this will be our first autonomous, concurrent joint. Apparently, Strike has been struggling through the signs for the past couple of days for episode 1 alone. Expect this series to have a slower than usual release cycle. Blame Strike.

As I’ve mentioned in the May 2011 Report, I will be releasing this series in descending order, from episodes 14 to episode 26. Strike will be releasing episodes 1 to 13 in ascending order.

Since the Blurays are upscales, we’re only releasing these in 720p.

In other news, I am now working on the Kara no Kyoukai movies. Expect at least one of those to be release this weekend. That’s right.


Announcement: Switching to FileServe and 1080p DDL Support

Preliminary Testing

As many of you now know, we are switching to FileServe from MU. Here are the reasons why we’re doing this:

1080p DDL’s

Ever since we’ve been offering DDL’s, we’ve only been able to offer 720p DDL’s due to the enormous size of our 1080p files. Now, with FileServe, we are able to offer you guys DDL’s of our 1080p releases in addition to our 720p releases.

Our strategic distribution strategy has finally come full-circle with this initiative. Instead of having to constantly shuffle releases in and out of our server for various reseeding requests, we can now offer you a link to our content.

Easier Uploads

This isn’t a benefit to you guys; it’s a benefit for us. Uploading to FileServe takes less time and is less cumbersome for our staff than uploading to MU.

Sustainable Costs

You are not expected to pay one cent for anything we distribute. You are not expected to donate anything to us. Period. We offer all of our material to you guys for free.

We pay server and equipment costs out of our own pocket. We take the time to re-time, re-animate, and encode material for you guys. Because of this, we expect you to understand two points:

  1. You are entitled to nothing
  2. You will follow our rules on this site

Now in order to help out with paying for the server, we’ve decided to enroll in FileServe’s affiliate program. This probably won’t pay for everything, but any help would be better than no help at all.


With all that said, we are not 100% sold on this. This is a trial run. We will spend approximately 1 month testing out this service. If we find it to be completely unsuitable, we’re going to switch back to MU.

Put plainly, if we do not receive comments or feedback on this switch, we will assume that you guys are OK with it.

We will be putting out a poll that we expect everyone to honestly fill-out and run it for 2 weeks 30 days from now. Once we’ve reviewed the performance of FileServe, we will announce our final decision.

With all that said, I am open to commentary.

The World God Only Knows S2 Batch

I’m not gonna lie. This episode was a fuckin’ beast. No joke.

I now know why Chihiro took so much time in releasing this episode. This is one of the most “sign-hellish” episodes in the entire series. The script has ~612 lines. To put it into perspective, normal anime episodes have approximately 300-400 lines of dialog. In contrast, this episode had approximately ~259 lines of just pure signage. That’s some fucked up shit.

I had to remove some of the signs, because it was just total overkill.

Episode 12 is in the batch.


Episode 12


Strike Division Delays

Strike is currently on a much-needed vacation for the next 9 days and I’ve ordered him to do nothing for N LogN EG and relax while he’s out in California livin’ it up. That means delays for anything Strike is currently encoding.

He managed to push out the next K-On!! volume before leaving, so whenever I get through Gundam 00, I’ll release that on his behalf sometime this week (probably tomorrow).

When he gets back, we will be starting up the Kaichou-wa Maid-sama!! BD’s.

Until then, you get to look forward to Gundam 00 11-15 and GOK S2 batch sometime this week. I also plan on spending all of next week finishing up the Ore no Imouto BD’s.