End of August 2011 Report


This month was…uneventful—for N LogN at least. We only ended up finishing two major anime series and solidified our DDL strategy. So, while there might not be much to read, let’s jump into what happened this month.

Anime Summary

Picked Up Anime

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

OK, so I recently started watching this series after Strike recommended it to me last year. I must say, I am very impressed with this series. It’s funny, heartfelt, and extremely well-crafted—the production quality is on par with Studio SHAFT.

And just like Studio SHAFT, this anime has an interminable phantasmagoria of signs. According to FFFPeeps, the signs are so elaborate and overwrought that one of their subtitle files was over 2000 lines long after the first 5 minutes of the episode. That’s some hardcore shit. Despite the massive sign-hell this series poses, we will be encoding this series from top to bottom—that includes the first season, the OVA, the second season, and any other succeeding seasons. Luckily, we aren’t bound to soft-subs, so we’ll be using Adobe After Effects to fill in all of those signs. Muahahahha!

We rarely give a free pass to any anime series, but this one is exceptional. Look forward to us releasing this sometime in Spring 2012.

The Idolmaster

While this series isn’t nearly as interesting as Baka to Test, I felt that the animation quality is top-notch—on par with K-On!

I wouldn’t heap as much praise on this series, but I think it’d be worth it to see it on the big-screen, so we’re going to encode the Blurays whenever they come out.

Completed Anime

Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail

With the fifth OVA bringing the latest bloody tale in the Black Lagoon series to a close, we can finally cross it off our list and focus on other anime. We didn’t actually spend much time on this series or anything like that. We simply just don’t like having a dangling show on our “Current Projects” list.

Clannad After Story

Holy Bejeebus, we finally finished the entire Clannad saga. What a long-ride. Counting the first season, it took us over a year to complete this.

Other Developments

Switching to FileServe Complete

So, it’s been approximately 6 weeks since we began feasibility testing our switch to FileServe.

After testing FileServe for 1 month, we ran a two-week poll to determine its usefulness to the fanbase. According to the poll, an overwhelming majority (~71.43%) have been able to get our content from FileServe.

Therefore, we’ve decided to make FileServe our permanent DDL provider and have officially closed any discussion objecting otherwise.

We’ll be uploading all of our new releases and our older 1080p releases to FileServe. We expect to have all of our old 1080p releases on FileServe by December 31, 2011.

Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai (3-4) BD

Hokay, finally got 3-4 done and encoded. Sorry guys, but between school and the copious amounts of moving signs in these eps, it took a while. I’m gonna start work on the next set of K-On!! eps but I’m gonna reduce the number of eps in this next batch to 2 so I actually have a chance of finishing them this weekend. Anyway, enough with the news report, ON TO THE ANIME!

I’ll probably update the pictures in a bit too. Right now, my mind is too far gone to do anything. Seriously, it sent me a postcard from Brazil.

Why couldn’t that be me? WHY I ASK?!


Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai (1-2) BD

[helios edit 8/25/2011 @ 09:40]: Strike didn’t encode the raws with the subtitles. Which is hilarious. We’ll be releasing the real thing sometime later this week, because Strike’s computer is slow and his connection is terrible.

[strikez edit 8/26/2011 @ 21:22]: It’s fixed. Can you tell I’m a bit stressed? Oh, well. I think I’ll just sing… Neko Neko Nyan~ Nyan~ Neko Neko Nyan~ Nyan~…!

Graduate School

If you’ve been wondering why the releases have been so slow on my end lately, sorry guys, but RL sucks, and it sucks hard. I’m back in graduate school, and the crazyass professor I have advising me has decided he wants me to somehow do 2 master’s theses + all grad level courses in a period of 8 months (for reference most master’s theses take 1 year plus). It’s like a 2 for 1 deal, except gay. Anyway, I plan on doing 1-3 eps a week depending on the amount of time I have on my hands, so expect a release once every week or so. By the way, if you complain about our tardiness, I will not hesitate to send that fish TO HAUNT YOU IN YOUR SLEEP! Anyway, on to the release!

The Important Stuff

Yako Peace! This girl is awesome! Totally my favorite character. Too bad she isn’t one of the mains. Why is she my favorite? I can explain that in few words. In fact, in few letters…

That, and she’s SO… DAMN… HAPPY!


Clannad After Story Batch

[helios Edit @ 14:33 UTC on 09/29/2012]: We’ve updated the torrent to reflect the proper CRC32 hash and we’ve corrected the torrent hash of Episode 25. This and the first season will be on perma-seed since we can’t tolerate the constant reseeding requests.

At Long Last

We have finally crossed the finish-line. If you count the first season, the delay factor for this series is over 1 year and 6 days. But since the After Story Blurays were released long after the first season’s Blurays, the actual delay factor is approximately 3 months and 18 days.

The Difference

There were several differences between our release of Clannad and Clannad After Story.


For starters, we decided to encode Clannad After Story from the BDMV raws instead of using CoalGirls’ or Thora’s relases. We actually didn’t make this decision on the principle of “quality.” Rather, my team was fed up with everybody’s obsession with segment-linking and ordered-chapters.

Other groups need to stop segment-linking the OP and ED because it simply doesn’t work. The Haali Media Splitter doesn’t properly seek linked segments, which leads to desynchronized audio and video. It’s a great idea in theory, but the implementation and execution are so horrid that even experienced encoders can’t seem to get it right.

1080p Unconstrained

Another difference between the first and second season is the fact that our 1080p releases were not bit-rate constrained. Our releases of Clannad were constrained to 1 gigabyte so that we could offer DDL’s of our 1080p content. In hindsight, I feel that this was a big mistake. So this time around, we decided to not restrict the bitrate of our 1080p media in order to preserve as much quality as possible. Ironically, most of our 1080p’s hover around the 1.3 gigabyte mark. Furthermore, with the move to Fileserve, we can offer 1080p DDL’s to the latecomers even though our files are more than 1 gigabyte.

Subtitles from the Source

Since we were going to use BDMV’s, we decided to use Eclipse’s subs directly. So everything has been retimed and restyled. Luckily, Eclipse’s initial timings are extremely close to the intended timings of the Blurays—a trait not shared by our other projects, such as Ore no Imouto, Gundam 00, or Kore wa Zombie. This has made our job easier and allowed us to run through the last 14 episodes quickly.

tl;dr: Clannad took a long time. The second season is bigger and better. Here’s the torrent.


P.S. Episode 24 was not included because it’s just a summary episode. I figured nobody wanted to waste another 1.5 gigabytes on that.

Infinite Stratos 7-8 BD

OK, releasing this on Strike’s behalf. We actually got this out just in time.

Strike’s been having horrible internet issues—never sign up with Comcast.

Anyways, enjoy your Charles.


Side note: This is the first release to feature our personal tracker and is archived on our personal server. So should NyaaTorrents ever go down, we can actually host the entire torrent-delivery infrastructure by ourselves.

The data itself is on the seedbox. DDL’s whenever Strike gets enough internet uptime.

Black Lagoon Roberta’s Blood Trail Batch

[Helios edit 8/9/2011 @ 04:13]: Remade the torrent to include the Nyaa tracker. Sorry about that guys. The torrent now has the correct tracker address

Finally! This amazing series comes to an amazing conclusion. And with it, our longest running series is finally put to rest. We can now say that we’ve finished the Black Lagoon series in full.

The fifth episode is in the batch. Enjoy people.


Puella Magi Madoka Magica 7-8 BD

Thank you Microsoft ICE! Okay, I’ve decided unilaterally that my team will be encoding/releasing all 720’s this weekend, mainly b/c I want to get through IS as quickly as possible, and b/c my internet is being stubborn as hell (it’s taking forever to upload stuff). Anyway, I think this next pic is about as badass as it gets.

No, she will. She’ll rip the skull out of your head, and beat you to death with it. And she can actually do it too…


Kara no Kyoukai (2)

OK, here’s the second OVA of Kara no Kyoukai. I wanted to get another episode out before I moved onto the Clannad AS batch.

As Strike mentioned earlier, I broke out the good china for this one. For several signs, I fired up Adobe After Effects and designed some signs for this release.