Clannad After Story Batch

[helios Edit @ 14:33 UTC on 09/29/2012]: We’ve updated the torrent to reflect the proper CRC32 hash and we’ve corrected the torrent hash of Episode 25. This and the first season will be on perma-seed since we can’t tolerate the constant reseeding requests.

At Long Last

We have finally crossed the finish-line. If you count the first season, the delay factor for this series is over 1 year and 6 days. But since the After Story Blurays were released long after the first season’s Blurays, the actual delay factor is approximately 3 months and 18 days.

The Difference

There were several differences between our release of Clannad and Clannad After Story.


For starters, we decided to encode Clannad After Story from the BDMV raws instead of using CoalGirls’ or Thora’s relases. We actually didn’t make this decision on the principle of “quality.” Rather, my team was fed up with everybody’s obsession with segment-linking and ordered-chapters.

Other groups need to stop segment-linking the OP and ED because it simply doesn’t work. The Haali Media Splitter doesn’t properly seek linked segments, which leads to desynchronized audio and video. It’s a great idea in theory, but the implementation and execution are so horrid that even experienced encoders can’t seem to get it right.

1080p Unconstrained

Another difference between the first and second season is the fact that our 1080p releases were not bit-rate constrained. Our releases of Clannad were constrained to 1 gigabyte so that we could offer DDL’s of our 1080p content. In hindsight, I feel that this was a big mistake. So this time around, we decided to not restrict the bitrate of our 1080p media in order to preserve as much quality as possible. Ironically, most of our 1080p’s hover around the 1.3 gigabyte mark. Furthermore, with the move to Fileserve, we can offer 1080p DDL’s to the latecomers even though our files are more than 1 gigabyte.

Subtitles from the Source

Since we were going to use BDMV’s, we decided to use Eclipse’s subs directly. So everything has been retimed and restyled. Luckily, Eclipse’s initial timings are extremely close to the intended timings of the Blurays—a trait not shared by our other projects, such as Ore no Imouto, Gundam 00, or Kore wa Zombie. This has made our job easier and allowed us to run through the last 14 episodes quickly.

tl;dr: Clannad took a long time. The second season is bigger and better. Here’s the torrent.


P.S. Episode 24 was not included because it’s just a summary episode. I figured nobody wanted to waste another 1.5 gigabytes on that.


  1. Just noticed the filenames for the 720p FS DDLs doesn’t have After Story in the filenames. Gave me a scare there for a sec… thought i wasted some hours d/ling a couple of wrong eps lol.

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