Gundam 00 Re-encode Batch

Coming in 2 days ahead of schedule, I present to you the Gundam 00 re-encoded batch.

Gundam 00 has a special place in our hearts. It was our first release as a group, the first to officially get a pass for re-encoding, and happens to be one of our favorite anime of all time. After announcing our intentions to re-encode this series in June 2011, we’ve finally come around to finishing it just before the new year. That gives us a delay factor of 6 months and 28 days.

We will proceed onward with the re-encode of the second season and the Gundam 00 movie this winter and expect to have it done by early March at the latest.

More details and stuff about N LogN EG are to come in the End of the Year report.


K-On!! BD Batch

When Did We Pick This Up?

So, I can’t remember when I announced we would be encoding the K-On!! Blurays, but we have finally finished them. These are late because Strike can’t afford decent internet (Comcast).

On another note, this batch is fairly large (~38gbs), so the DDL’s and 720p’s are going to be delayed…DELAYED.


Kore wa Zombie BD Batch

Long Time Coming

So, I worked on this thing all the way up to 2am (that would be early this morning) to bring you the batch. This project was started off by Strike, but had to be finished by me because of grad school. The last Kore wa Zombie release was on August 5, 2011 and my team effectively took over all of Strike’s projects at the end of October, 2011.

We announced our intentions to encode the KWZ Blurays in the February 2011 Report and began releasing encodes on April 20, 2011. This gives us a delay factor of 8-10 months, depending on where you start counting.

In other news, we are moving Doki’s and Chihiro’s subs to tier 2. God damn, their translations got shitty by the end of the series. They translated a literal English phrase to some unrelated sentence that made no sense in context.

Furthermore, the K-On!! batch is coming later today/tonight tomorrow. The Gundam 00 batch comes on New Years Day.

1080p Torrent
720p Torrent

Infinite Stratos OVA

Howdy, stranger. Reckon you wanted to watch Char and Ichika act like idiots. Here’s some more IS stuff for you.

Finals are nearly over for me and they’re totally over for Strike. He’s back on K-On!! and Maid-sama.


End of November 2011 Report


We are still alive. For the past several months, Strike and I have been so busy that we actually haven’t been able to sleep. Let’s go over what happened in the month of November and talk about our future plans.

Anime Summary

Picked Up Anime

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

We actually decided to pick this up last month, but totally forgot to add it to the list. I think the only reason why we watch this series is for the Sena and the loli.

Finished Anime

Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbye

So, we promised we’d do this series as soon as it came out, but I actually didn’t realize that the BDMV was available in October. Gomen nasai. I actually haven’t seen this film yet, so this may be one of the few times I eat my own dog food and watch anime on my PS3.

Infinite Stratos Blurays

Since Strike went completely offline due to grad school, I decided to time the rest of the Infinite Stratos Blurays and release the batch to you guys.

Administrative Developments

Mobile Support

We are still planning on supporting the following mobile platforms:

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 2

But we still don’t have anyone to test for us. So the sooner we can find some testers, the sooner we can start supporting mobile devices. In addition to these platforms, we plan on supporting the Galaxy Nexus and future iPhone and iPad models.

Seedbox Gone Haywire

OK, so I’m sure you guys are wondering what’s going on with our Seedbox. Well, let me tell you the whole story.

We currently host our releases on Seednet, which use to lease their space and bandwidth from Rapidseeds. Rapidseeds was reselling from Leaseweb and was caught “illegally trading” (no idea what that means) and completely imploded. As a result, our seedbox was cut off for a few days and then completely wiped.

The good news is: we have a new seedbox.

The bad news is: we have to setup our seedbox and reupload all of our material, so that may take a day or so.

Expect us to begin reseeding our past 4-5 releases by the end of the weekend.

End of Tunnel

I know that we’ve been going slow for the past two months, but I assure you that we are going to ramp up production by the end of January. Well, Helios Division will be going faster but I have no idea if Strike Division will be going any faster. I’m graduating this semester and I’ll have so much more time to encode and time stuff once I get through all of these classes. Yay!

Strike was a sucker and decided to go back for more punishment. I swear, he just loves the pain.

As a side note, I will be visiting Strike in person so I’ll have plenty of opportunities to slave-drive him over winter break. Muhahaha.

Expect Zombie and Gundam 00 by the end of the year.