End of January 2012 Report


The month of January was fairly dormant for N LogN EG, but, I assure you, it was one of the busiest times of my life. And Strike is…well it’s Strike—he’s never on time.

Let’s recap what N LogN EG accomplished this month, what we plan on accomplishing in February, and what’s been happening to the N LogN EG team in real life.

Anime Summary

Finished Anime

Kara no Kyoukai (5)

It seems like this was the only thing we were able to push out in the month of January. Albeit, this movie is quite beastly, so it was no small feat that we were able to encode it to a “reasonable” size. We used After Effects on the last three signs in the movie, which took a total of 10 hours to create, but it was totally worth it.

Administrative Developments

DDL’s Discontinued Indefinitely

In light of recent events, many popular file-hosting websites have restricted their operations and refuse to allow any type of file-sharing to occur. Due to this, we have decided to drop all support for DDL’s. We have removed the DDL Central page and will only distribute our material via torrents. Our 720p material will also be distributed through torrents.

Despite this loss in functionality, the majority of our users should not be affected by this. Only a handful of people actually took advantage of our DDL program. The only issue is that we do not archive our 720p releases, so if you really want our 720p material you’ll have to grab it as quickly as possible. The retention rate for any given torrent on our seedbox is approximately 2 months.

And before you ask, yes we will try our best to reseed stuff. Just ask us nicely and we’ll attempt to reseed some previous release. Don’t expect an instant response or reseed though.

(callback: 09adc158-7c56-4006-bf41-19b083661f96)

Real Life in January

So, I’ve seriously been busy for the past month. For the first week of January, I went down to Georgia to visit Strike, which was a blast. Then I sprinted to Connecticuit to look for a place to live. After that, I had to drive all the way up to CT and settle in. And for the past two weeks, I’ve been trying to provision myself with essential “living-ware” so that I can freakin’ get on with encoding anime. Now that I’ve bought most of my essentials, I can finally start encoding anime.

Strike has, yet again, underestimated the amount of work he can process in graduate school. So I have no idea when he’ll become available for any type of anime. In the mean time, I’ve decided to allow him to push out Kaichou-wa Maid-sama and Angel Beats! whenever he gets around to it. Luckily, I’ll be able to increase the amount of anime I push out in February because my schedule will eventually plateau.

Even though I said that Kara 6 and 7 would be out sometime this weekend, I have decided to push that back.

We hope to finish off Kara no Kyoukai and Nyan Koi in the month of February and begin encoding Gundam 00 S2 by early March.

We’re not dead yet, people! Just a little tired.