Kara no Kyoukai Batch

Long Ass Way

As you’ve probably noticed, our velocity has slowed down quite a bit. But we have managed to push out this batch before the end of the month. But now that I’ve got Kara no Kyoukai out of the way, I can begin working on Nyan Koi and Gundam 00 S2.

This series was announced in the February 2011 Report and encoding began on July 31, 2011. Slated estimates had this series scheduled for completion by May 2011. Well, as we all know, that didn’t turn out very well. That gives us a delay factor of 13 months / 9 months (13 months from announcement and 9 months from project start). That makes this project the absolute slowest we’ve ever tried to encode. It bests both Clannad seasons, Black Lagoon, and K-On!!. Although, with the way Strike is going, he’s determined to delay Ore Tachi, Angel Beats!, and the SYD BD’s beyond 13 months.

1080p Torrent

End of February 2012 Report

Monthly Status Report

New Anime


Current Anime Status

Helios Division
Anime Series Status Details
Kara no Kyoukai Prep 7 Pushed back to 3/11/2012
Nyan Koi Queued Pushed back until Kara no Kyoukai batch releases sometime next week
Angel Beats! Delayed Postponed until spring ramp-up
Strike Division
Ore Tachi ni Tsubasa Shifted Shifting to Helios Division for spring ramp-up
Kaichou wa Maid-sama [BD] Delayed Delayed until summer 2012
Angel-Beats! [BD] Delayed Delayed until summer 2012

Completed Anime

Kara no Kyoukai 6

Looks like we managed to get this one out this month. The 720p is also up on the seedbox, so grab it while you can.