End of March 2012 Report


Let’s get back to the old-school report style…like, the one where I actually write something useful for people to read.

Strike is stressed out at school again and my life is starting to calm down a little bit. Result: March only had one major release. Luckily, April is looking better for us. We’ll be aiming for at least one major batch this month (Nyan Koi) and doing some reseeding for everyone who requested it.

Anime Summary

Finished Anime

Kara no Kyoukai

We finally finished this beast, clocking in at [13::9], which is officially the slowest we’ve ever encoded any series. We started encoding this series last summer but due to my last semester at school, Strike’s grad-school stress, our annual get-together, my move to CT/new job, and other real-life dickary, this was delayed for over a year.

Picked Up Anime

We haven’t picked up any anime recently, simply because we haven’t gotten around to announcing them. Well, let me list them out here:

  1. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Season 2
  2. Fate/Zero Season 2
  3. Phi Brain
  4. Brave 10
  5. Rinne no Lagrange
  6. Ano Natsu de Matteru
  7. Another
  8. Baby, Please Kill Me
  9. Inu x Boku SS
  10. High School DxD
  11. Senhime Zessho Symphogear
  12. Nisemonogatari

It’s gonna be awhile until we actually get to these, so don’t hold your breath.

Administrative Developments

Releasing Encoding Scripts

We’ve decided to release several tools to the public that will allow people to quickly auto-encode material for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or iPad 3. We currently use these tools in-house for fast QA and screening purposes. These tools do not change the positioning or timing of the subtitles, and they aren’t meant to produce high-quality releases. They’re also not meant to be extremely resilient to odd-ball encoding formats or weird track configurations, so don’t use them expecting perfect results every time. Furthermore, your Windows environment has to be properly configured in order to use these tools, but we’ll be documenting how to use these tools as we release them throughout the next few months.

The advantage of using these tools is: once you’ve set up your environment, you can easily take (almost) any fansub group’s release and quickly encode it for your device. Our staff actually uses these tools to encode TV releases for their own personal viewing. So, if you don’t like waiting until we get around to the Blurays, you can use these tools to encode the TV releases for your Playstation 3/Xbox 360/iPad 3.


We’ll be reseeding stuff as per everyone’s request, but don’t expect that to happen overnight. Seeya when I release some Nyan Koi.