End of June/July/August/September 2012 Report


Yes, we’re still alive. Work got terribly busy and Strike is still doing Ore-Tachi. Since nothing really happened this summer, I decided to postpone the report until the very end of July August September (read: I was lazy). So, let’s look at what happened over the past 4 months:

Our 2-Year Anniversary

We actually forgot that our birthday came up at the beginning of June. It’s actually pretty amazing that we’ve survived this long. And by “survived,” I mean:

Actually cared to bother putting any energy into proof-reading, re-timing, and re-encoding stuff for such a small audience of people.

Unfortunately, we don’t plan on doing another secret project or anything. We’re still trying to get through the first one we set out to do last year. Speaking of which…

Gundam 00 S2 Started

Yes! we finally got the ball rolling with this series. The reason why this series has been a particular bitch to get through is because the subs we’re working with are just fuckin’ annoying as hell. Despite the crappy material we have to deal with, rest assured that we will get to the end of this series slowly but surely.


Outside of timing and encoding, Strike and I have had a hellish past several months. Strike is finishing up grad-school this semester and I just got off a very long, hectic stretch of work.

I probably joined my team at the worst possible time. Simply put, I joined my company right as my team was ramping up to do a massive code rewrite of the product we’re in charge of. Needless to say, it was something of a shitstorm. I seriously have not had that many back-to-back-to-back deadlines in such a short amount of time. The good news is: like all proper software engineering projects, it was delayed. Furthermore, I still made my deadlines, which means I have more time to time and encode anime. The bad news is: I probably will get more deadlines and whatnot throughout the year. Starting around November, I will be more unavailable than usual, but that’s not saying all that much.

On the other hand, Strike may or may not free up in 2013. It really depends whether or not his parents don’t kick him out of the house by then. Let’s hope he gets a day-job.

So, yeah that report had very little to do with the summer because we really took it off. In fact, we sorta took the entire year off. Well, if it makes you feel better, Strike is almost done with the next batch of Tsubasa and I’m still timing Gundam 00 S2 weekly.