2012 End of Year Report | End of December 2012 Report

End of December 2012 Report

Well, this part of the report will be easy. We did absolutely nothing in the month of December because of the holidays. Strike got his Master’s Degree and is finally employed! Yay!

2012 | Year in Review

Not gonna lie: last year was pretty crazy ass. I got a job and, suddenly, my time to do fansubs fell. I barely have any time during the week to do any type of timing. Well, more like I don’t care to edit those terrible Gundam 00 S2 subs every fucking day. Seriously, I hate those subs so much. I spend more time editing and preprocessing them than timing them. Once that shit is over, I’ll be able to move along way faster.

2012 Cross Check

So let’s take a look at last year’s strategic goals and see how we did.

Dedicated Hosting

Well, nope. We have not accomplished that and we are almost certain that this will never happen. But that’s OK, because there’s no use in spending more money than we have to for this hobby.

More Mobile Device Support

Actually, we did accomplish this goal, but it was more of an accident. We’ve slightly changed our 1080p encoding settings so that our work can be viewed on the iPhone 5 and iPad 3. But we haven’t expanded anywhere into the Android space and we don’t intend to.


Meh, we’re here to do BD’s and Strike and I have been learning Japanese in our own time. Both of us intend to move to Japan sometime in the next couple of years, so we might as well start learning now. No need for a translator.

Strategic Outlook

As you can tell, we’re scaling back all of our operations for the foreseeable future. We don’t intend to be releasing very often, but we do intend to keep releasing until our todo list is entirely cleared. Which means we’re sticking around for another decade.

Welp, better get back to Gundam 00 S2. I want that shit done sometime this month.


Here are some statistics for all of those who are interested.