End of October/November/December 2013 Report | 2013 End of the Year Report

End of October/November/December 2013 Report

This part’s pretty easy. We did nothing except pay bills. Strike’s still working on Tsubasa and the batch Is Coming™. Nothing else to report. All quiet on the western front.

2013 | Year in Review

Last year was probably the absolute worst year for N LogN EG and its staff. And by worst, I mean pretty awful.

I’ll skip everything and just move along to what we plan on doing.

2014 In Sight

Upcoming Anime

Strike is finishing up the last Tsubasa episode and he’s working on the signs. Once that shit is done, he’ll move onward to whatever the hell he wants. Not sure what, but I’m sure it’ll have less signs.

As for me, I’m working on Psycho Pass first. Should be pretty easy, since I’ll simply be laying on Commie’s subs and their stuff is probably timed properly.

I’ll also be working on Hellsing The Ultimate.

The PlayStation 4 | The Xbox One

We will in fact be encoding media for these platforms the moment we can: (1) get our hands on one and (2) the moment Sony and Microsoft release a patch that allows the playing of external media files. You currently cannot stick a USB stick into either of these systems and simply play a file. The Xbox One is the only system that actually has any type of network streaming capability, but it’s quite lackluster at the moment (gotta push via DLNA, but you can’t actively search for media files).

We’ll keep you up to date on that stuff.