Medaka Box Abnormal (1)


Holy Shit

We’re back! Sorry for the long delay. It’s been over 9 months since we last released anything.

In any case, here’s Helios Division’s first of three new projects: Medaka Box Abnormal. Before you ask, no, we will not do the first season. It’s too damn boring until the end. Also, several groups have done the first season’s BD’s, so you can just encode those if you want.


We’re piloting a new release schedule for this particular series. We’ll be releasing the hardsubs and softsubs for this series at both 1080p and 720p. That’s 4 releases per episode, totaling 48 deliveries for this anime. Needless to say, we won’t be keeping all of them seeded for very long, so if you want these episodes, you’ll have to download them as soon as we release them. Rest assured, we won’t be taking down the seed until we run out of space.

Other Metadata

We’re using FFF’s subs cross-checked against the official American subs/dubs + whatever our consultants say.


Device Compatible (Hardsubs)

1080p | 720p

Regular Release (Softsubs)

1080p | 720p


P.S. If you’re wondering where the End of the Year report is and what not, here it is: We did nothing—except pay bills. That is all. Stay tuned for more anime later.


    • Yes, we are still checking this.

      As for the subtitle scripts, we actually deleted our edited versions of the scripts. We could provide you with the source scripts instead. Would that be alright?

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