Who We Are

N LogN EG is a small, private group of individuals who are dedicated to releasing high quality anime designed to be played on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Since June 2010, we’ve successfully delivered hundreds of episodes of anime and numerous anime movies that all playback perfectly on the Playstation 3, with a large subset that playback on the Xbox 360.

We are a technical encoding group, not a fansubbing group. Our focus is to bring our technical skills to bear on the issue of video playback and compatibility. Our roots lie in the depths of Computer Science, Information Theory, and Engineering. We excel in signal processing, digital precision and mathematical excellence.

What We Do

Our goal is to encode high quality anime primarily for the Playstation 3 and provide compatible alternative encodes for the Xbox 360. Although this goal seems simple, it entails several other problems that are directly related to the issues of broadcast television.

Rigorous Compatibility

The Playstation 3 can’t play every single media file. And there’s nothing you can install that will allow it to play your library of MKV files. Fortunately, encoding material for the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 is not inherently difficult. There are several technical guidelines that document the physical limitations of the video decoding capabilities of these devices and we ensure that every single file we release plays flawlessly on your Playstation 3.

We’ve taken the effort to extend our media to Xbox 360 owners by offering 720p alternatives of our encoded media. Our 720p releases are just as high in quality as our 1080p releases and, of course, they are also playable on the Playstation 3

100% Visibility. Overscan Defeated

Before television manufacturing became as refined as it is today, many televisions would “crop” or “chop-off” several pixels from the edges of the video picture. This is an artifact known as “overscan.”

Today, most modern televisions have the ability to display every single pixel but several rear-projection and LCD televisions still overscan a small portion of the television picture for legacy reasons.

As it turns out, many fansubbing groups do not take overscan into consideration when they position their subtitles in their releases. Subtitles that are placed near the edge of the video are still visible when viewed on a computer monitor, but get chopped off or vanish entirely when viewed on a television screen.

Rest assured, releases from N LogN EG are guaranteed to have subtitles that are 100% visible, a feature known as “Title Safe.” We take the time to painstakingly re-position, re-orientate, and re-animate the original subtitles away from the edges of the video so that they’re completely visible on your television screen.

High Definition Video

Japanese Animation is a unique and vibrant medium for story-telling. There’s no other culture that can claim the style of anime. That’s why N LogN EG believes that it’s important to deliver high-quality releases using the best encoding tools on the market.

Anime videos are composed of solid colors, gradients, and bouts of sudden motion. In addition to small details, like grain, anime can be a challenging medium to encode. That’s why we’ve taken the time to run countless tests against the numerous quality and compression techniques that the H264 encoding standard has to offer.

So when you download a video from N LogN EG, you can be confident that our releases will look remarkably detailed on your high definition television. We expect all of our releases to be viewed on a television that’s greater than 42 inches and we test everything we encode on television sets that are over 55 inches.

High Definition Audio

N LogN EG doesn’t just stop at video when it comes to delivering high quality content; we deliver high quality sound as well. All of our releases are encoded with either 2-channel AAC audio or 6-channel AC3 audio whenever it’s available.